Middle Fork Rafting

From our launch point at Boundary Creek to the take-out at Cache Bar, the Middle Fork of the Salmon plunges 2,800 feet in elevation with approximately 100 thrilling rapids on a 100-mile journey. The summer season’s biggest whitewater happens in June as spring runoff fills the banks of the Middle Fork for larger crashing waves and challenging fun. In July and August, the water warms up as levels drop, but the ride is still exciting with technical maneuvers through boulder gardens and breathtaking drops into clear pools.

There are several ways to enjoy your river rafting trip. Our oar boats let you relax and view the scenery, take photographs or fish while your guide expertly maneuvers down river. Or you can jump into the action and paddle the rapids as part of a guest team as our guide gives directions from the stern. For the ultimate challenge, we also offer inflatable kayaks to tackle the river solo.

We take up to 23 guests and 7 guides on each trip (fewer guests and more guides than most outfitters). You may take turns in each type of boat to fully experience the river.  Kayak the morning, paddle the afternoon and fish from the oar boat the next day! Our team of guides will closely supervise all of these activities to ensure your safety at all times so all you need to do is have fun.