Middle Fork river trip

Middle Fork Wilderness Outfitters

Trip Itinerary

Launch Day 1: 

On the morning of your launch, we will depart by shuttle from the Mountain Village Lodge in Stanley.  You will be notified of the time at the trip orientation meeting the evening before. We will “put in” either at Boundary Creek or Indian Creek Campground depending on water and weather conditions (see Water and Weather for more details).middle fork of salmon river trips

If we depart from Boundary Creek, travel time is about 1½ hours from Stanley.  We suggest eating breakfast prior to boarding the shuttle. If we launch from Indian Creek, it is a 25-minute flight to the airstrip and launch point. The boats will be loaded, you will be briefed on river safety, and we will get on our way down river–usually between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Our camps are different on every trip, depending on the number of miles we are able to cover downriver. We’ll stop for lunch around noon and arrive in camp, typically between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Our large gear boat usually travels ahead of the group so camp is ready upon arrival with tents set up and appetizers underway.  You are free to get settled and enjoy yourself while we prepare a gourmet dinner.

A Typical River Day:

Our guides rise early, usually around 5 a.m., to get coffee going. So if you are an early morning person, we’ll be ready!  If not, stay snuggled in your tent till you hear a call for breakfast, usually served around 8 a.m. We break camp and are usually back on the water by 10 a.m. each day. And we always take time to stop and relax later for a delicious lunch.

During the day, you may choose to ride an oar boat for sightseeing, relaxing and fishing; paddle boats to paddle and maneuver through the rapids; or inflatable kayaks for tackling the river on your own. Each day consists of great whitewater, majestic scenery, wildlife viewing, fishing, swimming, hot spring soaks and stops for side hikes to historic, geographic or scenic highlights. (There is a trail that follows the course of the river so we always encourage hiking for anyone interested.)

Final Day 6:

The Middle Fork will keep you enthralled every mile. The character of the river and its canyon change from beginning to end. On our last day of rafting, we’ll enter the Impassable Canyon and run some of the trip’s biggest whitewater sandwiched between sheer granite walls. And finally, at the confluence with the Main Salmon, we’ll leave the Middle Fork behind by taking a moment to look back upstream at the spectacular canyon that has been “home” for the last six days.  “Take-out” will be at either the confluence of the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon or at Cache Bar. There, lunch will be served, plus changing rooms and rest rooms will be available. Finally, we’ll shuttle you back to Salmon, Idaho, for your journey back home.