Women’s Wilderness Trip

Join Middle Fork Wilderness Outfitters on our 6 day Middle Fork Women’s Wilderness Trip. Deepen your connection to nature and self, while disconnecting from expectations and competition imposed by our highly stressful society. Focus on your personal wellness while bonding with likeminded women in an atmosphere of fun, challenge and mutual trust and respect. The camaraderie created during this adventure will last long after the trip has ended. Come off of the river feeling fulfilled and totally at peace, ready for whatever the “real world” holds for you.

On a Women’s Wilderness trip you can:

~ greet each morning with a deep canyon silence, filling your soul with every breath.

~ discover your voice as part of a paddle raft team or release your inner “wild woman” in an inflatable kayak while paddling through some of the most amazing whitewater America has to offer.

~ feed your body, mind and soul with meals featuring organic, local and wholesome foods.

~ join in daily yoga sessions with our licensed yoga instructor.

~ take time each day to explore your personal wellness through hiking, hot spring soaking, meditating, swimming and more.

~ learn a new skill – try your hand at fly fishing with the help of one of our expert guides.

~ contemplate your place in the universe while stargazing at the nighttime skies  which have been designated as a dark sky reserve – the first of its kind in the US.

On these trips, we leave it up to you, but we strongly encourage to either go alcohol free, or at least keep alcohol to a moderate level in the evenings. This allows you to concentrate on being good to your body and mind while in this deeply special place, and really allows you to get the most out of your wellness practices during the day. All of our guides adhere to these principles as well during a Women’s Wilderness trip, ensuring you get the experience you are seeking.

So whether you are a first time river runner or a seasoned hand at whitewater, let MFWO guides share their passion for the incredible experience of the Middle Fork with you.