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Custom Idaho Whitewater Trips

Here at MFWO, nothing makes us happier than creating experiences that connect people to this magical river. One way to we love to do this is through our custom trips. We are here to help you create your very own personalized Idaho whitewater adventure for your family, group of friends, colleagues or anyone else you have in mind (up to 23 people!). The best part of a custom trip is that we totally modify it to be YOUR adventure of a lifetime.

The possibilities are endless…

Check out our CUSTOM TRIP IDEAS or create your own

  • Private Boaters and Kayakers – Paddling or rowing your own gear is a terrific way to experience the Middle Fork. Boaters (with the needed level of experience) are welcome to join us on a trip and leave all of the other details to us. You get the best of both worlds…your own boat, your own gear and none of the hassles of meal planning, food shopping, shuttle driving and logistics. A relaxing vacation on the Middle Fork just got a whole lot easier!
  • Wellness– MFWO believes in the restoration of soul and body…and we encourage all types of restorative wellness trips.  Bring us your ideas, needs or goals and expectations and we will work with you to create the balance you are seeking. Many people use these custom trips to explore daily yoga and meditation, nutrition and gastronomy, alcohol-free adventure, and many other restorative techniques.
  • Video, Art & Photography– Arrange for an artist or photographer to join your trip and lead the group in expanding their skills in the most inspiring setting imaginable.  
  • Music – Have a group of musician friends? We love music on the river, too. In fact, several of our guides play musical instruments and love a good jam around the campfire.
  • Women’s Trip – There’s nothing like an all-women’s trip on the Middle Fork. Whether you have a group of ladies already in mind or are flying solo and have always wanted to explore the river canyon, check out our Women’s Wilderness Trip this season, as there is still space available. Or, charter your own custom trip.  
  • Weddings – A Middle Fork wedding is sacred and indescribably beautiful. We’ll help you with all of the details (food, photography and more!) so lets get planning.



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