Equipment & Packing

If you’re worried about what to bring, don’t. As you will see below, Middle Fork Wilderness Outfitters has all the camping essentials and more covered. Below that, we’ve also provided a complete list of items you should bring so you’ll not come overpacked and still have everything you need. 

 What WE will provide:

  •  Gourmet dutch oven meals.
  • Unlimited drinking water.
  • 1 large tent for 2 people for optimum room and comfort. Private tents provided on request.
  • 1 deluxe Therma-Rest self-inflating sleeping pad per person.
  • Comfortable cots for sleeping
  • 1 freshly cleaned sleeping bag, fleece blanket and small pillow per person. You may bring your own sleeping bag if you prefer; however, it must fit into a 10”x 20” dry bag that we supply. We will automatically supply you with a sleeping bag unless you notify us that you are bringing your own.
  • Dining utensils, souvenir cups and water bottles.
  • 2 waterproof bags: one for your clothing and overnight gear, one day bag. See “How to Pack” below for bag sizes and packing recommendations.
  • 1 Coast Guard approved Type V life jacket of the highest quality (please do not bring your own PFD unless it is a Type V)
  • Wet suits will be provided on June trips and whenever weather demands. Feel free to bring your own for fit and comfort. Exceptionally large or small sizes may not be available. We will bring a selection of wetsuits on the river throughout July and August for those of you using inflatable kayaks.
  • Dining tables and comfortable chairs (set up along with your tent by our gear boat crew)
  • An extensive first-aid kit in every boat. Our fully equipped guides are trained in first aid, CPR and all aspects or river rescue and emergency procedures.

What YOU need to provide:

  • Hats (for warmth and blocking sun)
  • Quick-dry clothing for river use (2+ pairs of nylon shorts and/or swimsuit, 1-2 short- and long-sleeve shirts, 1 pair of lightweight pants.
  • Good rain gear (jacket and pants) Important! 
  • River shoes (river type sandals with heel strap or tennis shoes)
  • Camp shoes (lightweight hiking boots or tennis shoes)
  • Long underwear (polypropylene top and bottom)
  • Warm jacket (pile or polar fleece)
  • Camp clothes (1-2 long pants or sweat pants, 1-2 short- and long-sleeve T-shirts, 1 sweatshirt or any type of warm top)
  • Underwear and socks (include at least 1 pair of wool or neoprene socks for chilly days)
  • Gloves (wool or polypropylene for camp and optional neoprene for rafting)
  • Personal toiletry items, small towel, washcloth and moisturizing lotion (Shampoos and soaps are not allowed in the river but you can use them above the high water mark-our guides will happily point out the high water mark.  Biodegradeable shampoos are not allowed in the river)
  • Travel pack of handi-wipes or sanitizing gel
  • Sunscreen, Chapstick
  • Sunglasses with strap (spare pair recommended)
  • Small flashlight and batteries (“head-lamp” type flashlight is very handy).
  • Camera
  • Special medications, prescriptions (bring two containers)
  • Extra contacts or glasses
  • Your musical instrument!
  • A good book
  • Personal wine, beer, liquors and soft drinks


  • Wet suit and or neoprene socks (if you want your own)
  • Small day-pack or Hydration pack for hikes
  • “Funky” costume for our last night together
  • Pillow case (our camp pillows are small. You can put our camp pillow plus some soft clothing into a pillowcase to make a comfy pillow.)
  • Disposable water proof camera for river shots plus ziplock bags for other small cameras to be kept in your day bag
  • Solar shower (we will fill and heat it in the sun for you during the day)
  • Sarong is a nice addition

You may not use all of the gear on this list but we recommend bringing it all so you are prepared and comfortable. Keep in mind, especially when packing clothing, that you can expect warm days (60 to 90’s) and cool evenings (40-60’s) on the river. However, mountain weather can change rapidly.  It can snow in July or be intensely hot. The weather is impossible to predict.  So be prepared.  If you have questions about or need to purchase any of this gear, check out our website for merchandise information or:

How to Pack:

We provide two waterproof pack bags for your gear at the orientation meeting on the night before launch. The smaller day bag is for items such as a rain suit, sunscreen, camera and anything you might need during the day. The larger bag is for your clothing and personal items. (In order to keep clothing organized, you may find it easier to pack your things in smaller, soft duffels or several stuff-type sacks that can slip right into this bigger gear bag.) Your sleeping bag, small pillow and blanket will be packed in a seperate bag and will be there waiting for you at your first nights camp.

The larger bags travel in our gear boat which is loaded in the morning and goes ahead of the main group so we can set up camp; therefore, all the bags it carries will be unavailable to you until late afternoon. Try to limit your gear to our suggested pack list as raft space is limited. Also, given the environment; pack to be comfortable rather than fashionable.  Leave the designer clothing and valuables at home.

What to Wear:

We recommend that you layer your river clothes on most days so you can adjust for comfort as the day warms or the weather changes. On a typical day, you would wear a swimsuit or nylon shorts, a “quick dry” short-sleeve top (or long-sleeve for sun protection), and a fleece top for mornings when it is cooler. Your fleece top can be put into your “day” bag after it warms up.

You should also wear river sandals or tennis shoes that are comfortable when wet, a hat, sunglasses with a strap and plenty of sunscreen. Soon, we will be offering suitable river wear through our website at pro-discounts so be sure to inquire with us when scheduling your trip.