Getting There

Your adventure on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River will start at the picturesque town of Stanley, Idaho. To reach Stanley, many of our guests begin by flying to Idaho’s capital city of Boise, which is served by several major airlines.

From Boise, you can choose to fly, schedule a shuttle or drive to Stanley. Flights to Stanley are available on Gem Air (208) 756-7382 and Salmon/McCall Air (208) 756-6211 or (800) 992-6559. Should you choose to drive, you can pre-arrange to have your car shuttled from Stanley to our end-destination in Salmon, Idaho, through Caldwell Transportation or call them at (208) 342-1900.

The cost for shuttle service is $100.00 per vehicle (subject to change) which must be paid to the shuttle company directly. It is best to make advance arrangements.  You will leave your keys and shuttle paperwork in the Caldwell Transportation box in the front lobby of the Mountain Village Lodge, which is where we meet the morning we launch. Caldwell Transportation will drive and park your car at the Salmon, Idaho, airport and leave your keys at the Salmon Air desk. (This airport is where we bring you after leaving the river.) You can expect to be in Salmon at about 3 p.m. on the take-out date of your trip.

Ground transportation is provided from Stanley to the launch point and to the Salmon airport after the trip. If you’ll be returning to Boise by air, most of our guests enjoy taking a pre-arranged 60-minute scenic flight.  The flight normally arrives in Boise around 5:00 p.m.  We are happy to help make all of your additional travel arrangements if desired. 

SIDE NOTE: Occasionally, water levels require us to launch our trips from Indian Creek Campground. This is beyond our control and, unfortunately, necessitates an added flight from Stanley or Boise to Indian Creek. The cost of this flight s not included in the trip fare.  You will be notified in advance if this flight becomes necessary, arrange the flight for you and ask that you pay by check, VISA or MasterCard to the selected flight company.