Water & Weather

We wish we could always guarantee the water levels and predict the weather. Regardless, our Middle Fork trips have always offered guests unforgettable moments due to the river’s magic and the good company they’ve shared. To make sure nothing stifles the fun, we try to ensure that you and other guests come well-prepared for all conditions. Most of your days on the river will be spent in shorts or swimsuits and short sleeves, but rain gear and extra layers should always be packed in your day bag for unpredictable mountain weather.

In general, water levels are highest in early June and, thus, offer the biggest, wildest whitewater of the year. Spring-type weather in June, however, can change rather quickly, from hot and sunny one day to chilly the next.

In late June and into July, the weather gets warmer and so does the water as river levels typcially start to come down. It’s the time of year when the wildflowers bloom. An afternoon temperature in July might be 80 degrees with overnight lows 45-50 degrees.

From mid-July into August, the river warms up significantly and guests enjoy swimming and fishing in the crystal clear water. Then, in late August and September, our trips get a bit chilly in the mornings and evenings with warm days for great fishing. 

High or low water levels and snow conditions can dictate that we launch from Indian Creek Campground or other wilderness launch points instead of Boundary Creek, our regular launch point. Only small airplanes access these wilderness airstrips. Please note that if we must fly in to an alternative launch site, there will be an additional fee of approximately $125.00 per person. Early August and later trips typically require flying to one of these airstrips. 

You will be notified in advance if this flight becomes necessary, arrange the flight for you and ask that you pay by check, VISA or MasterCard to Salmon/McCall Air.