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Our July 16, 2018 Middle Fork trip with Middle Fork Wilderness Outfitters was as perfect as a trip could be. We floated with friends, family, and folks from around the country who quickly became friends. The whitewater was spectacular and the skies were crystal clear as no wildfires had hit the Frank Church Wilderness Area yet. Our MFWO guides treated us to gourmet meals at every turn including some incredible biscuits and gravy, a killer tri tip dinner, and riverritas on Mexican night. The nighttime skies were amazing and the Milky Way was clearly visible, as were numerous shooting stars. In fact, we slept out under the stars for a couple of nights just enjoying the music of the river and the spectacular show in the sky. Soaking in Sheepeater Hot Springs and Loon Creek Hot Springs were two bonus adventures for us, after kayaking in the inflatables through some exciting rapids.
Probably the best part of the trip, however, was being able to reconnect with one of my childhood friends whom I hadn’t seen in over 40 years. In addition, we traveled with some pretty other incredible people including one inspirational guy who paddled much of the Middle Fork at the seasoned age of 78. He brought along his daughter and 2 grandaughters from Norway and all had a terrific time. Another bonus was having one of my former 6th grade students (who is now 33 and a nurse in NYC) along on the trip. Other close friends and their families joined us and simply added to some quality river time.
Middle Fork Wilderness Outfitters did not disappoint…every aspect of our trip was just what we wanted and needed. We had the chance to share the beautiful Impassable Canyon and the surrounding country with a bunch of special people while enjoying the thrill of whitewater the entire way. There is truly no more special place than the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Book your 2019 trip today!
Mary and Will McAleese
Idaho Middle Fork Wildlife